Love Yoga Energy Healing

private yoga classes - energy healing - reiki - yoga retreats - meditation - offered in Orangeville, Ontario Canada. 

Energy Healing

"Megs’ ability to connect and bring one to a transformative and spiritual level is a beautiful gift. Her energy is one filled with an abundance of healing, peace and comfort which allows for a reflective and eye opening experience." ~ H.C 

Reiki Treatment; 

Originating from Japan, the practice of reiki draws in universal energy that promotes healing, relaxation, mental clarity and balances the physical and mental bodies. This treatment is approximately 1 hour in length. 

- $80
- $10 add on for a card reading

Shamanic Healings; 

Descending from a long line of healers, Megs has combined her love and knowledge of Peruvian Shamanic techniques, the power of crystals, reiki and her love of intuitive healing into one experience. Here, you will be gifted an opportunity to heal old trauma, harmful life patterns and gain the clarity you have been looking for. This experience includes hands on time, as well as spiritual coaching and readings. These sessions usually last for an hour and a half, sometimes longer. 

- $120

Intuitive Reading; 

Have questions that need clear answers? Let Megs connect with you to offer you what you need. Through the use of tarot cards, connecting with spirit guides and your own knowledge (that may just need some nurturing to come forward) together you will explore answers and opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment. 

30 minutes; $50

60 minutes; $80

Past life healing; 

In this energy medicine you will be guided through breath work and meditation to discover you original wounding, whether in this lifetime or another. Together we will safely heal old wounds and contracts bringing the part of the self that has always been whole back into the body. 

Allow for 2.5 hrs

Bring a journal