Passed down from ancient Shamans from the Perveun mountains, Illuminations are an energetic journey designed to free you from the burdens of your life. Ready to release and free your life from suffering and the drama of our unhealed emotions? We experience many different types of initiation thought our lifetime; the loss of a parent, a tough breakup, a health crises that directly impacts us or a family member. However, true initiation is when we face our traumas, learning how to dance in the shadows of our past. To do so we must heal ourselves on a deep energetic plane. In an illumination you will graciously begin to release the burdens you are set out to let go of, while filling up with the energy given to us from the earth. 

The treatment will finish with a few easy yoga poses directly correlated to the chakra we have been working on. 

Benefits of illuminations; 

    •    Releasing imprints that may be causing a re-occuring life pattern
    •    Profound sense of relaxation 
    •    Calm, balanced and at peace 
    •    Ready to take on new challenges 
    •    Inspired to embrace change 
    •    Deepened connection to self  


Oracle Readings 

Whatever question you may have or whatever problems you need to solve can be made clearer to you by a reading. Have desires that need fufilling? Ask the deck for clarity and possible outcomes. 

These readings can be done from anywhere in the world. Once the reading is complete I type out what the outcome is and will send you a document for you to keep. 

Most popular readings; 

  • Past, present & future 
  • Year spread 



Reiki is hands on healing that promotes a deep sense of calm and assists in de-stressing body and mind. A treatment will include a guided meditation, option of essential oil and a full body treatment. 

Reiki is suitable for both human and animal.

My work with animals is very gentle and slow. I like to establish a relationship with them built on trust and working with their unique personality to ensure the healing is received in the most receptive way for the animal. I have been riding horses since I was 5 and have grown up with dogs & cats, I have a deep love and appreciation for every animal.

Some of the benefits of reiki are; 

    •    De- stressing 
    •    Eases tension in the physical and energetic body
    •    Anxiety relief 
    •    Promoting pain relief 
    •    Helps to calm the mind 
    •    Enhances the bodies natural ability to heal 
    •    Promotes a positive connection to one's self 
    •    Calms the mind

$80.00 Reiki Session, human

$100 Reiki Session, animal

Private Yoga Classes & Yoga Escape



Transform your practice in the comfort of your own home. Classes are designed specifically to suite your personal intentions and goals surrounding your practice. Wether you have never tried yoga before or you have been on the mat for years, a one on one session could be just what you need to help deepen your practice. 

Why not try a customized yoga escape? A 1 day retreat with yoga, mediation, lunch, and a choice of adding essential oil making, sound therapy, time with a nutritionist or card readings to your day. Inquire for pricing. 


$80.00 Private for 1 hour class 

$100.00 Private for 1.5 hour class

$15 per additional attendee in class 


Private Classes in Orangeville