Chakra Cleansing

Through our daily routines our chakras can become blocked preventing us from living to our highest potential. A blockage in the chakra may present in the physical, emotional or mental body giving hints as to which chakra may need to be opened and cleansed.

This treatment is for those who are seeking balance and looking to restore the body and mind through harmonization of energy in the subtle body. A chakra cleansing may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half leaving time before and after to draw on cards, have some water and relax before leaving.  



Passed down from ancient Shamans from the Perveun mountains, Illuminations are an energetic journey designed to free you from the burdens of your life. Ready to release and free your life from suffering and the drama of our unhealed emotions? We experience many different types of initiation thought our lifetime; the loss of a parent, a tough breakup, a health crises that directly impacts us or a family member. However, true initiation is when we face our traumas, learning how to dance in the shadows of our past. To do so we must heal ourselves on a deep energetic plane. In an illumination you will graciously begin to release the burdens you are set out to let go of, while filling up with the energy given to us from the earth. 

The treatment will finish with a few easy yoga poses directly correlated to the chakra we have been working on. 

Benefits of illuminations; 

    •    Releasing imprints that may be causing a re-occuring life pattern
    •    Profound sense of relaxation 
    •    Calm, balanced and at peace 
    •    Ready to take on new challenges 
    •    Inspired to embrace change 
    •    Deepened connection to self  


Cord cutting

We have cords that connect us to other beings, in this lifetime, the past and the future. These cords can hold and energetic pattern that has rippled through time through your ancestors and into your life's journey. This may be causing a destructive life pattern that is reoccurring in your life over and over again. To begin to remove this life pattern we must sever or cut the ties to this energetic re-occurring pattern.  

During a cord cutting we will track this energy and begin to cut the ties that are binding you to this life event, or decision that is replaying over and over again.

A cord cutting treatment is perfect if you are looking to change the outcome of a pattern and start to move in a different direction. Cord cutting's affect not just you but ones who came before you and those who will come after. A cord cutting treatment will lift the burden and heaviness that has been passed down from generation to generation.



Reiki is an ancient healing technique that will help bring balance to the physical and energetic body. 

During a treatment you will lay comfortably supported on a massage table, fully clothed. An eye pillow may be used to help relax the body and slow your thoughts. The treatment will begin at the head of the client to establish a connection to you and your energy field. Once the connection has been established the practioner will use a light, or no touch approach as they work on the body. Reiki is beneficial for people of all ages and even for animals. 

My work with animals is very gentle and slow. I like to establish a relationship with them built on trust and working with their unique personality to ensure the healing is received in the most receptive way for the animal. I have been riding horses since I was 5 and have grown up with dogs & cats, I have a deep love and appreciation for every animal.

Some of the benefits of reiki are; 

    •    De- stressing 
    •    Eases tension in the physical and energetic body
    •    Relieving anxiety 
    •    Promoting pain relief 
    •    Helps to calm the mind 
    •    Enhances the bodies natural ability to heal 
    •    Promotes a positive connection to one's self 
    •    Calms the mind
    •    Relieves physical anxiety and stress 

$90.00 Reiki Session, human

$100 Reiki Session, animal

Private Yoga Classes 



Transform your practice in the comfort of your own home. Classes are designed specifically to suite your personal intentions and goals surrounding your practice. Wether you have never tried yoga before or you have been on the mat for years, a one on one session could be just what you need to help deepen your practice. 

Skype sessions are now available! Not in Orangeville? No problem. All you need is a yoga mat & Skype. 


$80.00 Private for 1 hour class 

$100.00 Private for 1.5 hour class

$15 per additional attendee in class 

​$70 Private Skype session


Private Classes in Orangeville