Profound healing

True to the nature and intelligence of Reiki healing, Meg Emerson creates a loving and sacred atmosphere through which Reiki can flow through to the recipient.  It’s always a transformative experience that instills peace, radiance, balance and profound insight that is very healing and respects the needs of the client on all levels.  I highly recommend Megs for Reiki sessions whenever profound healing is required. 

~ Janice Mark, Reiki client 

Highly Recommended

Megs is an awesome instructor. I have always wanted to do yoga but never knew where to start, but she made it feel so easy. Love Yoga was highly recommended so I looked into it. What was even better was that they even travel to your location. I always look forward to my next session. Thank you Megs!! You are like sunshine on a rainy day!

~ Margaret Jansen 

Full of love

I have done yoga with Megs but recently had my first Reiki treatment with her and walked away feeling calm, inspired, reconnected spiritually and full of love. Megs is a gentle beautiful soul that spreads love in everything that she does and I highly recommend her. 

~Melanie, Reiki client


Megs is a pure beam of radiant light who, by the end of her class, reminded me that we all have that radiance within us to offer the world. I have the regular pleasure of attending her classes, and recently had the privilege of having her come over to my home for a class with reiki for a small birthday celebration. She facilitated one of the most generous and loving evenings I've had. Simply put; Megs great love and warm presence is transformative. Thank you, Megs! We can't wait to have you over again! 


Incredible introduction to yoga

What an incredible introduction to yoga and reiki! Megs simply exudes positivity and enthusiasm during her class. She is an exceptional instructor with so much knowledge and skill to share. I appreciate how aspects were challenging yet she was consistently kind and gentle in her approach. I truly enjoyed this experience and look forward to participating in more of her classes! Thanks so much, Megs! 


Learning to care for myself
I have gone to many yoga classes over the years on and off, but have always found an excuse NOT to go. Until I met Megs who is a complete blessing and given me the motivation and passion for this practice that I truly love. I look forward to each and every session together. 
Megs is an incredibly caring and enthusiastic instructor! Her knowledge coupled with her passion for well being is amazing. Thank you Megs for teaching me the importance of caring for myself. I am forever grateful! 
You have inspired me to try poses that I would never want to try. Megs positive energy radiates the room while she is teaching. Megs is a beautiful person and I look forward to our next session together as I always feel amazing afterwards. I would recommend Megs to anyone, beginner or expertise. 

~ Nicole Butler 

Moving and memorable yoga experience

It was a pleasure meeting Megs and having the opportunity to partake in a truly moving and memorable yoga experience. At all times she was nothing but professional, positive and kind. Through each part of her program, it was clear that Megs loves her work and wants nothing but to share that passion with her participants. Thank you for making my first yoga experience such a wonderful one! 

~ Anya

Girls day

I recently organized a ladies day with close friends and Megs lead an hour yoga session outdoors.  It was the highlight of the afternoon.  Megs kindness, fun seeking spirit, relaxing tone and challenging moves, ensured that we were relaxed, laughed and had tons of  fun.  Megs brings a certain warmth to any situation and activity.  Her kind and giving spirit is seen throughout her instructions and guidance.  No matter anyone’s yoga ability they felt supported.  Many people commented that they were proud of their accomplishments during the session and that is a direct reflection of Megs’ expertise and support.  We can’t wait to have Megs back for our next Ladies Fun Day.  Megs – you are the best!

~ Sheri Tanner