Love Yoga Energy Healing


Private Yoga Class;$80  1hr class

Semi Private Class (4+ guests); $120  75 minute class 

"I have gone to many yoga classes over the years on and off, but have always found an excuse NOT to go. Until I met Megs who is a complete blessing and given me the motivation and passion for this practice that I truly love. I look forward to each and every session together. 
Megs is an incredibly caring and enthusiastic instructor! Her knowledge coupled with her passion for well being is amazing. Thank you Megs for teaching me the importance of caring for myself. I am forever grateful! 
You have inspired me to try poses that I would never want to try. Megs positive energy radiates the room while she is teaching. Megs is a beautiful person and I look forward to our next session together as I always feel amazing afterwards. I would recommend Megs to anyone, beginner or expertise. "

~ N.B 

private yoga classes - energy healing - reiki - yoga retreats - meditation - offered in Orangeville, Ontario Canada. 

Yoga - meaning to 'yoke' or to 'unite'. Creating a bridge between body, mind and spirit through pranayama or breath. Yoga is a spiritual practice, one that has been practiced in the East for thousands of years. 

Megs offers private yoga classes designed specifically for you. Striving to always create a safe space for any person or people, Megs has worked with individuals with anxiety, addiction and physical limitations. 

She also offers events in the local area, 1 day retreats, couples yoga and semi private group classes.